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Blog commenting is basically an interactive means of exchanging views, perspectives and feelings. It is the simplest way to make your blog collaborative and is the source of driving traffic and getting backlinks to your website. When it comes to blog comments SEO, it is imperative to attract a large number of visitors to your website. If you find that your website is not getting enough visitors, it may be because your website is not being influenced by search engines as it should be. Blog comments backlinks play a great role in giving your website the attention and traffic it deserves. You will notice that people who commenton your blog leave a backlink; it suggests that backlinking is the ultimate mode to catch traffic. Moreover, this can help you in building a solid relationship with the users of your website. It is a gradual process but once it’s done, you will be surprised to see how you interact more efficiently with the site administrators or bloggers, etc.

SHA SEO offers reasonable and affordable packages to buy blog commenting service in the USA.

Basic Packages

Our Basic Packages are divided into small, medium, large and extra-large. These packages charge $20, $40, $60 and $140 respectively. They allow 21 to135 blog comment links and 1 to unlimited URLs and keywords. They are high TF CF DA PA Guaranteed, have manual DoFollow backlinks and low OBL links. Our company offers these cheap services and let users make the mostout of our blog commenting services.


21 Blog Comment Links
High TF CF DA PA Guaranteed
Manual Do Follow Backlinks
Low OBL Links
Allow 1 URL & 5 Keywords


42 Blog Comment Links
High TF CF DA PA Guaranteed
Manual Do Follow Backlinks
Low OBL Links
Allow 1 URL & 5 Keywords


64 Blog Comment Links
High TF CF DA PA Guaranteed
Manual Do Follow Backlinks
Low OBL Links
Allow 2 URL & 10 Keywords


135 Blog Comment Links
High TF CF DA PA Guaranteed
Manual Do Follow Backlinks
Low OBL Links
Allow 5 URL & 25 Keywords

Blog Commenting Services

As the name signifies, blog commenting services are a process of building links on a website by posting comments and feedback in different blogs. Blog commenting is a bit more aggressive form of traffic building strategies that stand to be very useful and influential. The success of most blogs is the interactive nature of the sites where you can post your opinions and get feedback. Therefore a blog can be regarded as the essential element of the social web.

Suppose you are into the SEO industry and are aware of the technology of SEO. In that case, you must also know that without blog commenting services, it will be insensible and unmoving. More sensible comments, the more the traffic, the more the popularity, it will be acquiring its unique place in the page ranks. People drop comments or give feedback to get more attention to their blogs and content. This process of losing comments and gaining attention has ensured a distinctive way of attaining hundreds of permanent backlinks to the respective blogs.

There are many types of blogs right from personal blogs to corporate blogs. The manual commenting services are more effective in the sense as they build relationships among the bloggers, ultimately enhancing the blog’s popularity. Writing an attention-grabbing and appealing blog is the core part. Always cater to your readers with topics that attract them and make them stick to the discussion, thereby prompting them to leave comments.

Benefits of Blog Commenting Services

Why Should You Buy Services from SHA SEO?

If you look at the quality of services that SHA SEO offers, you can be sure to benefit a lot. They are as follows:

At SHA SEO, you can be sure to rely on our services to help you develop your site. This can be proved by the high number of return clients we have. We have experience in this field: we have been in the industry for a long duration. Our commenting service will use the latest updates to provide the best comments. When hiring a company, you will be looking for a company that will provide you with many real comments. Our company has hundreds of commenters who will comment on your posts.

While commenting, we ensure that the comments come from different places across the world. When one finds that there are people from their region commenting on your post, they will also feel the urge the get into the conversation. This is the best strategy that can give you a good ranking. The search engine will note that you have followers from different parts of the world. Your blog site will not only appear for those doing a local search but also for those searching worldwide.

Our team will always ensure they go through your article before commenting. This way, you are sure that the comments we provide are based on your topic. When commenting, we do not use the company name. The team will use different profiles to make it a real conversation between real people from different parts of the world. As we comment on your site, we ensure that comments are made on different dates. It is not possible to have about 100 comments on a new blog site in one day. We spread the remarks over a duration of time to avoid people raising any questions.

To conclude, it is evident that blog commenting service has a lot of benefits to bloggers. As a blogger, you have learned what you need to do with such services to grow your site. Investing well in your blog site is a sure way of ensuring that it gives you the best returns in the future. As we have stated, ensure that you avoid any service provider who uses the automation tools to comment on your posts. This will only do your blog site more bad than good. SHA SEO will offer you the best quality service. Visit our page to order for the services, and you will receive them in time.

Do you’ve questions about Article Submission Services? Don’t hesitate to ask.

For more queries, please feel free to contact us.

Can you make blog comments on any niche?

Yes, whatever your niche might be, we can help. SEO is needed for any website, and we are here to help you with that.

What if some of the comments are deleted after you have sent me the report?

This rarely happens as we are cautious with where we post your links and the comment we post. If in case, this ever happens, we will replace the removed links with new ones.

Why should I believe in your blog commenting services?

We have been in this industry for a long duration. Over the years, we have gained the knowledge and experience to provide quality comments to your post. Our blog comments done by professionals will help boost your keyword and SEO rankings.

Do you use software to post blog comments?

No, we don’t use any software. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, and we understand software may not deliver effective results. Therefore, our work is entirely manual and natural.

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, we do. Just contact us, and we’ll evaluate your needs to devise a customized plan for you.

Do you provide progress reports?

After comments, you will receive notifications from us informing you of the progress of the work.